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How to Drop Your Cholesterol In Just 21 Days

First off, my mother would probably kill me if she knew I was sharing this with you, but the odds are good that this message will never make it to her and I feel I must share her story, so others can benefit from it. Here’s how to drop your cholesterol in just 21 days!

I live at home with my mother because quite frankly I like her, and a mortgage is expensive. She lets me sleep under her roof rent free if I hold up my end of the bargain and cook dinner for her and my step-dad during the week. Which is quite the upgrade for them since my mother’s specialty when I was growing up was hamburger helper. I love to cook so I don’t mind.

In March of 2017 I took my first Pure21 challenge, a 21-day diet and nutrition challenge to become a healthier and happier you! My mom unknowingly took the challenge with me since I am her personal chef throughout the week.

My mom had recently been to the doctor because she had entered that stage in her life when menopause hits. The body changes with menopause and one of the changes her doctor was concerned about was her cholesterol increasing. The doctor gave her a month to try and get the number down before he put her on medication. Traditionally not being much of a healthy eater, my mom didn’t really know how to fix the problem and planned on just taking the prescribed medication.

About a week after she received this news I began my Pure21 challenge which completely changed our style of eating. We were now eating way more veggies, leaner proteins, and no hamburger helper. In the 3 short weeks I lost 14 lbs. I looked awesome, I felt awesome, and I planned to continue to follow the programs guidelines in my daily life.

The more important loss was the cholesterol points my mom dropped from unknowingly doing Pure21 with me. Three days after I completed the challenge my mom had another doctor’s appointment to check her cholesterol. Her doctor was stunned by the dramatic drop in her cholesterol. She called me ecstatic after the appointment.

 She had dropped 60 cholesterol points since the last time she was at the doctor.

All by following the Pure21 challenge! She would no longer have to take the cholesterol medication as long as we continued to live our lifestyle the Pure21 way!

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