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Why You Are Not Losing Weight

It turns out we maybe looking for solutions to our weight problems in all the wrong places.

I would like to introduce Rachel, an active working mother of two.Like many mothers, Rachel had a hard time losing her pregnancy weight after giving birth to her second child at the age of 35. She also began to experience a much greater issue than just losing her pregnancy weight. Rachel was dealing with chronic stomach pain and discomfort. She could not predict when the pain, diarrhea, heartburn and discomfort would come on and it was greatly impacting both her professional and personal life. The chronic pain would keep her up most nights and lead to lethargy and a depressed mood from sleep deprivation.

Rachel was convinced that the symptoms were due to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and sought the help of a specialist. Her IBS specialist was only able to tell her what she already new and suggested some diet modifications. Things such as eliminating insoluble fiber (fruits & vegetables), caffeine, fried foods and wheat did not seem to prevent the symptoms she experienced. The next step Rachel took was to seek help from a Gastroenterologists, experts in diseases of the digestive tract. The Gastroenterologists performed an upper endoscopy and an ultrasound of her GI tract that turned out to be inconclusive.

Rachel learned of the Pure21 diet and nutrition challenge through a friend, and even though she was skeptical, she agreed to do it to keep her friend motivated. Keep in mind Rachel had spent years trying alternative diets, medications and supplement products to no avail.

We first heard from Rachel on day 9 of her 21-day journey. She was smiling and amazed that she could sleep at night. In a short amount of time her stomach issues had subsided, something she had not experienced in years. After the full 21 days, Rachel was feeling better than she did before having children. She down 14 pounds and most of the pregnancy weight was finally gone!

Why did Rachel finally get the relief she had been looking for that doctors could not help with?

                                          IT STARTS WITH THE “GUT”

A balanced GI Tract plays a key role in everything from regulating our immune and nervous systems, to an optimal healthy functioning metabolism.



+ improved nutrient absorption -this contributes to our digestion process and metabolism

+ hormone regulation- we determine how full we feel by regulating hormones

+ reduce inflammation- inflammation is a precursor to metabolic syndrome that can trigger obesity

+ balance blood sugar- blood sugar levels can have a dramatic effect on our weight

Pure21 was designed by dietician’s and nutrition coaches to eliminate the build up and processed foods from the digestive tract so the body can function as intended. Once the body is staged for proper digestion and nutrient intake we can begin to ignite our metabolism and feel better.