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3 Good Reasons To Do Pure21 Now

I’m really a “give me 3 good reasons” kind of girl. I always have been.Now, my 3 good reasons to do Pure21 are going to be slightly different than your 3 good reasons because, well, we’re all different! So, I’m going to share mine with you and see if we can inspire you to come up with 3 good reasons to take the journey with me!

Reason #1 to do Pure21

My sister is getting married in a little over a month, December 2nd to be exact. She has asked me to be in her wedding which means lots and lots of pictures. Pictures that I will have to see all the time since she’s my sister and all. So, I need to be lookin’ as good a possible in these photos and to be honest, the dress is a little bit snug and I could use the shedding of a few extra pounds.


Reason #2 to do Pure21

The holidays are right around the corner! November 1st will be my first day of Pure21. So, November 22nd will be my last day of Pure21! That’s just 2 days before thanksgiving, 3 ½ weeks from my birthday (December 17th), and a little over a month away from Christmas! Looking and feeling your best for the holidays will make dealing with that crazy family member we all have just a little bit easier. What could be better than feeling like your best you in the company of your family and friends? 


Reason #3 to do Pure21

I’m a die heart Cincinnati Bengals fan. My dad has been a season ticket holder since PBS opened in 2000. I’ve been going to the games for as long as I can remember. As we all know, football comes with tailgating, snacking, and drinking which are all big no no’s while on the Pure21 diet. After this past Sunday’s almost loss to the Indianapolis Colts, the Bengals are away for 3 Sundays. This means I can watch the games from the comfort of my home and not be tempted with all the game time goodies.


Right now, those are my “3 good reasons” for starting Pure21 on November 1st. To help you find your inspiration, I came up with 2 additional good reasons anyone could us as to why now is the time to do Pure21.


Reason #4 to do Pure21

New Year, New YOU! Pure21 will improve your metabolism and teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle even after the program is complete. This is the perfect way to get a head start on your new year’s resolution and make sure you achieve your goals in 2018.


Reason #5 to do Pure21

Beach bod alert! The 7-day cleanse portion of Pure21, Pure Start, is most effective if completed every 6 months. Starting the Pure21 program now will put you on track to complete it again right before the summer months hit. This means you will be looking and feeling your best again right before bathing suit season!


No matter what your reasons are, find them and join me on the Pure21 journey. You will not be disappointed. Froexperience, I know that you will look and feel better than you have in a long time. I completed the program the first time in April of 2017. After, I felt more energized, active, and all around healthier than I ever have in my life! It’s definitely a must try program!