Banana Low-Sugar Smoothie Yogurt


Cut out unnecessary sugar from your shakes. Our flavor boosts deliver refreshing, full-bodied flavor to your smoothies, shakes and teas.

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Designed specifically for the sugar conscious consumer in mind, Power Blendz is excited to offer our newest product. Yogurt & Real Fruit Smoothie Flavor Boosts offer a lower sugar alternative flavoring option than the standard frozen puree provides. These yogurt-based flavor powders pair perfectly with our current menu offerings and deliver your customer a sweet and desirable smoothie.

Quick Facts

Benefits include:

  • Lower in sugar than frozen fruit purees
  • Low in fat
  • Made with real fruit
  • Just 45 calories per serving
  • Makes profitable fruit smoothies and blended drinks for your bar, restaurant, café, or coffee shop
  • Contains no preservatives, artificial colors, or artificial flavors
  • Easy to prepare


Additional uses:

  • Adds a flavor punch to your smoothie bowls and other treats
  • Bakes into your healthy recipes and treats, adding amazing taste
  • Compliments your smoothie while delivering a rich and creamy base
  • Adds a great flavor to oats, cereal, and even pancakes

Nutrition Info