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Crea-Form – Creatine Matrix Supplement

Crea-Form – Be Stronger and Go Longer
Crea-Form is the top of the line, most effective creatine supplement designed by Power Blendz Nutrition, combining three of the highest grade forms of creatine on the market. Creatine is referred to as a “muscle-cell volumnizer”. Without giving a chemistry lesson, let’s just say it “makes you strong like bull”. Studies have demonstrated that creatine can increase lean mass and strength. In addition, it plays an important role in energizing muscles for high intensity training or repeated “short burst” training. If you are training hard and eating a good diet, creatine can take you to the next level.

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What is Crea-Form?​

Power Blendz Nutrition Crea-Form is an innovated creatine matrix, featuring (3) the most effective forms of creatine available to consumers. Our Team here at Power Blendz Nutrition has dedicated several years in research & testing to ensure you are getting a creatine supplement that provides optimum results. The three different forms of creatine utilized in Crea-Form, includes: Creatine Monohydrate Powder, Creatine HCI and Creatine Pyruvate. Each of these (3) creatine sources are designed to work synergistically to help maximize the results of your training.

Crea-Form by Power Blendz Nutrition has been formulated to be affordable for all athletes & bodybuilders when compared to other creatine products. You will be amazed with how Crea-Form helps you train longer, while promoting increased muscle strength & lean mass.​

Why do I need Crea-Form?​

There are athletes & fitness enthusiast all over the world that really struggle to gain and maintain the lean muscle mass they train so hard to build. By supplementing your healthy diet with Crea-Form, your muscles will be supported for optimal growth and size maintenance.

Crea-Form is also ideal for individuals who are looking for a simple, effective, and affordable supplement all in one tablet. The (3) forms of creatine in Crea-Form work synergistically together for a powerful and highly effective boost to your workout routine.  Each form individually has developed an impressive reputation over the years, so combining all three in one super-product just makes sense.

Creatine Supplementation has benefited millions of consumers. However, it is most useful among individuals within the following groups:

• Athletes who are focusing their efforts on promoting and maintaining lean muscle mass and strength
• Aging individuals fighting Sarcopaenia, a condition causing “age related muscle loss”
• Individuals who are suffering from neurodegenerative disease
• Vegetarians can benefit tremendously since your natural levels of creatine are much lower vs. an individual who consumes meat on a regular basis.

How do I use Crea-Form?​

Take (3) tablets with water, fruit juice or your preferred beverage of choice; 1-2 times daily, before and/or after your training session or as directed by a healthcare professional. It may be advisable to take this product in cycles, such as: 4-6 weeks on, followed by 4-6 weeks off.

There is also another option to implement creatine, which is very common; it’s known as creatine loading. Typically, this is a 2-Step Process. You will first begin with the “Loading Phase”, which will then be followed up with a “Maintenance Phase”. Typically, the loading phase will last for 3-5 Days and during that time you will be consuming 50-75% more creatine than the maintenance phase.

Tip: It’s imperative that you consume plenty of water when incorporating Crea-Form into your current health & fitness regimen. We suggest a gallon of water a day.

Quick Facts

Crea-Form Benefits / Features

• Enhances Your Overall Performance
• Increased Muscle Strength
• Promotes Lean Muscle Mass / FFM aka (Fat Free Mass)
• Energizes Your Muscles for High Intensity Training
• Innovative Formula for Increased Absorption
• Helps with Muscle Recovery – Post Workout
• Decreased Muscle Fatigue/Failure while Training
• Improved Muscle Contractions
• Improves Functioning of the Brain
• Ideal for Short Interval Training Sessions
• Promote Bone Regeneration
• Enhances Muscle Fiber Size (Hypertrophy)
• Increases Myosin


Creatine Monohydrate Powder
Creatine Monohydrate has been a go to supplement among athletes for many years. It has developed a long-lasting reputation for improving weight training & athletic performance. It is also popular since it is affordable, well tolerated, safe, and highly effective.

Creatine HCI
Creatine HCI, also known as Creatine Hydrochloride–creatine bound with hydrochloric acid. This form of creatine is considered to have one of the highest absorption rates among the creatine family. Creatine HCI also requires less water to receive maximum absorption compared to other forms of creatine.

Creatine Pyruvate
Creatine Pyruvate is creatine bound with pyruvic acid. It is known to produce higher levels of plasma, compared to the ever popular creatine monohydrate. However, research & studies have yet to determine if creatine pyruvate is more effective than creatine monohydrate.

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