Smoothie Certified Ingredients
Power Blendz

Smoothie Certified

Power Blendz Smoothie Certified Ingredients are more than just supplements and flavors. All our products have been formulated specifically for taste, texture, and nutrition to deliver the best tasting and highest quality smoothies available.


Compliments the flavor of the smoothie


Delivers a rich creamy smoothie


Smoothies that produce results

Power Blendz Nutrition® Powders

Our proteins, meal-replacements, and supplement additives are manufactured in-house, and have won the approval of health and nutrition experts. We pride ourselves on creating the best tasting smoothies with the highest quality ingredients.

Power Blendz Nutrition® Additives

Power Blendz Supplement Additives are pharmaceutical grade for purity, dissolution, and absorption that meet the highest regulatory standards without altering the taste of your smoothie.

Tropics® All Natural Frozen Fruit Purees

Outstanding taste is one of the reasons why Power Blendz Nutrition™ smoothies are preferred to our competition. In addition to unbeatable taste, Tropics® All Natural Frozen Fruit Purees come in over a dozen flavors and are free of high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, chemicals and artificial flavors. The convenient 32-ounce cartons allow for operators to effectively control portions, while delivering a consistent product year round.

Simply Zero™ Sugar Free Syrups

Perfect for smoothies!

Simply Zero™ was developed by Power Blendz Nutrition™ to meet our standards for a rich, creamy, and great tasting smoothie without the sugar. This is a great option for diabetics and anyone who is watching their intake of carbs, calories, and sugar.