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Snacking: The Healthy Way


I’m always hungry so it’s easy to call me the queen of snacking. As a child my dad called me piggy, seems kind of rude looking back now but back then it was a term of endearment (I think) and inspired my love for pigs. I have a disturbingly large collection of them in boxes in my basement. Like a crazy cat lady but with pigs. Anyway, someone like me who loves to munch on things throughout the day can find themselves ruining their diets, gaining, weight, or becoming fatigued. Why you ask? That answer is pretty simple, we snack on things like potato chips and candy instead of things that will fuel your body and mind. Here are some examples of great snack options to eliminate your hunger without all the calories.


Snacking Ideas:

Nuts and Seed: Packed with healthy fats and fulfill the crunch we all crave. I’m allergic to Almonds so I stick to peanuts and sunflower seeds.

Veggies and Hummus: Crunchy and tangy. I use carrots, celery, cucumber circles, and cherry tomatoes with a roasted garlic hummus.

Protein Smoothies: A little bit of fruit, water, and protein blended together makes a great sweet treat! I user Power Blendz Pure Protein Vanilla mixed with pineapple and strawberries. YUM!

Roasted Chickpeas: A crunchy, salty, meaty texture that can trick you into thinking it’s a bag of chips instead.

Low Fat Cottage Cheese and Tomatoes: One of my favorite snacks! I make mine like a sandwich with 2 tomato slices and cottage cheese in the middle. Flavorful and filling!

DIY Trail Mix: Dried fruit and mixed nuts. A great mixture of sweet and savory.

Edamame: Filling and meaty. I love the pop you get when eating them and pulling them out of the shell prevents you from eating a ton of them.

Hard Boiled Egg: A good source of protein and a great way to keep your hunger at bay

Low Fat String Cheese: I love cheese so much but it’s hard to eat it while staying healthy. These are great for cheese lovers and if you peel them like I do they take you awhile to eat!

Apples and Nut Butter: Many people do this with Almond Butter these days but with my allergy I choose a natural peanut butter. It almost reminds me of a cookie!

Snacking Tips:

Nutrition facts! Remember to check nutrition facts on items you are buying for snacks. Not all things that seem healthy really are.

Drink water! Drinking a large glass of cold water can help reduce and reach your daily water intake goal!

Only snack when you need it! We tend to snack not just when we’re hungry but also when we are bored. Try to avoid snacking because of boredom.

Plan ahead! If you plan your snacks ahead of time and bring them with you wherever you are going you can avoid turning to candy or fast food in times of hunger.

Stop what you’re doing! Eating your snack like a small meal can help prevent you from over indulging.