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The Relaunch of Power Blendz

The Relaunch of Power Blendz

Over the last 18 months Power Blendz has focused on ways to bring more value to our customers serving goal specific smoothies.We took a walk in your shoes and learned more than we could have imagined after opening our own smoothie bar in the gym below our offices. We realized that we could do more to support you in your efforts to build a strong successful business. So, after months of research, planning, and testing we’ve brought an improved Power Blendz experience to the table. We hope you enjoy the relaunch of Power Blendz!


  1. The Relaunch of Power Blendz: All New Website (as you already know if you’re reading this)

If you’ve ever launched a website, even if you weren’t the direct builder, then you know it’s HARD work! Hard work that we have enjoyed doing to better your experience with us. Our new website has a lot of neat new features and products designed to create a strong Power Blendz presence across the nation. We’ve added informative blog posts (such as this), new PB gear, marketing support, and most importantly an awesome new line of lifestyle supplement products and programs. Click around and see all that our new site has to offer!


  1. The Relaunch of Power Blendz: Vitamins and Supplements

In addition to the new website we have launched a new line of lifestyle supplement products developed to go hand and hand with the objective of our smoothie bars. We want to help people reach their goals the healthy way. The new supplements and programs were developed for the people but also with you, the operators, in mind. These products are a great add on to any bar already in existence. Not only will it help you make more money in your business, but it will allow you to provide a one stop shop for customers needs. This will create a customer experience that will have people coming back for more!


  1. The Relaunch of Power Blendz: New PB Gear and Marketing Support

Everyone knows marketing is important but not everyone knows how to implement a marketing plan that will boost sales. That’s where we come in. We have put in place a plan to help you be successful with your marketing. First, we will be sending out weekly emails to support all the exciting new things happening here at Power Blendz. We are determined to help you benefit from these additions we have been working so hard on. Additionally, you can look for social media support, informative blog post, and free downloads to help you build an even better business!


  1. The Relaunch of Power Blendz: Customer Service

Remember, we love to hear from you! If you have any questions or comments about any of these recent changes, please reach out to us. We are available by phone (866) 455-0024 or by email We hope you appreciate the updates we have made and look forward to hearing from you!